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FTZ Maintenance Program

Price: $5,000.00

A guiding principle in Miller & Co.’s involvement in the structuring and development of all aspects of the FTZ program has been the need for each Zone Operator, and employees involved, to understand the responsibilities and requirements of the Foreign Trade Zones Act as well as the regulatory requirements of the FTZ Board and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Over the years we have identified significant deficiencies in satisfying basic requirements due to constant changes to government rules and regulations, as well as company internal changes in personnel, roles and responsibilities, reduced manpower and changes to imported merchandise.

FTZ Maintenance Program
We are pleased to announce we are continuing our flat fee Foreign-Trade Zone Maintenance Program for 2019 that will provide guidance and ongoing oversight of activity for companies operating in a foreign trade zone. The maintenance program can be easily budgeted, will support your company’s basic compliance with foreign trade zone laws, and manage expesnses. The program provides for forty (40) hours of consultation support for $5,000.

Scope of Service
Services listed below are included in the program as well as answers to questions on all CBP and FTZ Board zone matter.

Reminder notices will be sent 60 and 30 days in advance of filing due dates via email for annual FTZ and CBP reporting.


1.  FTZ Board Scope of Authority Validation

  • Confirm Parts / Finished Product Board Approved List

8.   FTZ Operations Manual

  • Provide minor Updates / Additions / Changes as needed.

2.  Annual CBPF 216

  • Preparation / Validation

9.   Harbor Maintenance Fee Report

  • Verify

3.  FTZ Specific Authority Requests

  • Validate / Expand / Contract

 10. Customs FTZ Spot-Check Documents

  • Current CBP Documents will be provided.

4.  Foreign-Trade Zones Board Report

  • Assist in compiling required data.

11.   FTZ Savings Analysis

  • The FTZ Maintenance Program will provide a current detailed FTZ Savings Analysis that may be used to identify how much your zone is saving your company on an annual basis.

5.  Annual Reconciliation Report

  • Review Preparation / Filing
  • CBP e-214/ CBPF 3461 / 7501

12.    FTZ Source Documents

  • Current CBP Regulations, Foreign Trade Zones Board Regulations, Foreign Trade Zones Act and the most recent copy of the Customs Foreign-Trade Zones Manual will be provided on January 1 of each year.
6.  CBP Annual Systems Review
  • Preparation / Filing

13.    Consultation Services

  • Zone Management
  • FTZ Document Completion
  • CBP Reporting
  • U.S. Customs Filings         
  • FTZ Board Filings
  • Spot-Checks / Compliance
  • FTZ Operation Manuals
  • CBP Administrative Procedures
  • Zone Schedules
  • Grantee / Operator Agreements
  • FTZ Board Applications / Changes

7.  FTZ Operators Bond

  • Validate Sufficiency

14.   Training

  • Miller & Co. provides free FTZ 101 Training free to all clients. FTZ 201 Training will also be provided free to all FTZ Maintenance Program clients.

An FTZ Maintenance Program is necessary in order to be assured that general-purpose zones and subzones carefully manage, on an ongoing basis, their zone project. Our FTZ Maintenance Program has been structured to assist in minimizing or eliminating common mistakes that occur in day-to-day zone operations that, if left undiscovered or unattended, could develop into major problems resulting in fines, penalties and liquidated damages, or FTZ Suspension.

If an organization has an FTZ Maintenance Program in place, when employees leave or move into different positions within the organization, there will be a reduced likelihood of forgetting certain actions that are required by CBP and the Foreign-Trade Zones Board and are essential to the proper management of a foreign-trade zone or subzone. It will also serve as a “back-up checklist” for those who have operated a zone or subzone for years, but at times simply forget that a filing is due or are not aware of changes to existing rules. 

The FTZ Maintenance Program will be supported by Legal Assistant Lori Hessler, who will be assisted by Brenda Zeller, Linda King, and Marshall Miller.

To sign up for the program, use the link below and complete the Contract & Questionnaire online. Payment may be made by credit card or online transfer. Contact us by phone for any questions regarding the program.


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